Thanks for contacting Fynd Fredum about donating a rope!


    ( If your rope is at least 60m in length (if it is not 60 please specify how long it is )).


*If you donate a rope and would like to write some info about where you are from and where you have climbed with your rope, I will gladly put your name, info and pic up on the: "Know Your Rope" section of my website! Here are a few of your options if you choose to donate your rope:


*If you are local (San Luis Obispo, CA) I can meet you, pick up your rope, give you a free chalk bag right there... or (if I am in the area) I can take your rope and sew your rope on the belt loops of the chalk bag, and then return your bag within a week!

*if your "not" local, you have two options:


1st- You may ship the rope to me, I will take your rope cut it and use your rope as the loops of "your" chalk bag(and 100+ chalk bags all over the USA), then I will send it back in the mail within a week. If you don't care about having the sentimental vibe of your rope on your new Fynd Fredum chalk bag, then I can send you the chalk bag as soon as I receive the tracking info, or the rope in the mail.


2nd- You can just donate the rope with out receiving a chalk bag, your rope will be on hundreds of chalk bags through out the USA, and I will pay for the shipping!


**Please let me know what works for you! This deal will be available for probably a long time, however if I get to many hits, I may eventually only be able to receive ropes and send a random bag back. I wish to continue to use climbing ropes from individual climbers like you!