Venice Beach


Est. 2003

Fynd Fredum is a very small company that constantly is striving to have the least impact on the environment, and the most impact on inspiring positive choices in people. A large number of old school craftsman and artists are losing their way of life to buying on line and buying cheap. I continue to push making Fynd Fredum products to keep "hand crafted" in your vision! I hope to inspire others to follow the skill that comes natural to you! 

" The few things in lyfe you fynd along the way, that keep you feeling alive; yet excell you into a better person and only found by looking hard for it....Explore Lyfe with an open mind!"

                                                                                                                 Hannah  (Creator of Fynd Fredum)

Learn, appreciate Family and  respect Local culture!

Behind Fynd Fredum

All the ropes on my products are donated by climbers & climbing gyms all over the USA and other countries. Click on the button below to learn more!

FF products have a lot of old school crafts integrated into them.  From tribal ,techniques to sewing styles, to some street vibe squeezed in. We try to do most everything hands on!


Hand made necklaces, furniture, forged tools, clothing, climbing gear, art 

Fynd Fredum Copyright  2020 all rights reserved

                              Fynd Fredum 

     products are currently made from home 

                            Los Osos, CA