*Want to DONATE a used climbing rope to Fynd Fredum?

*Want to trade a used rope for a new chalk bag?

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"Aztec Adventures"-San Diego State University

San Diego, California USA

Fynd Fredum was contacted by Forest Brodsky Climbing Lead Programmer of Aztec Adventures. He wanted to donate some rope! I drove to San Diego the next day to pick up the ropes. When I arrived they had an entire shopping cart full of ropes to donate!! It was simply amazing how kind and cool they all were at Aztec!! I donated some chalk bags to them as well!


Forest took a Fynd Fredum chalk bag abroad! And this is what he had to say:

         "I took my FF chalkbag all the way to Europe earlier this summer and was climbing with it above the Arctic circle in Norway, in the forest of Fontainebleau in France and on the Limestone walls of the Swiss Alps... it worked wonderfully! In case you didn't know, your bags come with a complimentary travel bug!"


I am grateful to have people like Forest and the Aztec Adventure staff in my life!


P.S.- thanks Cameron for driving the second batch of retired ropes to SLO!! My 4 year old niece helped me strip everyone (at her request)!!! She a trooper!

Gee Bird

Montreal, Quebec Canada

Title. Double click me.

Jimmy Renolds

SLO, California USA

Jimmy donated this rope to Fynd Fredum a couple years back! I first met him, balls'n it out belaying himself with a gri gri leading up a 5'11!


He climbed in SLO area, then after donating this rope...went on to Yosimite and eventually climbed EL CAP!


Hannah Nomad

Longmont, CO

Atascadero, CA USA

My 1st Rope!!! It's been used to introduce over 50 random people into climbing, if not more!


I climbed on this rope in Boulder, CO at:
-the Flat Irons/Happy Hour Crag/Elephant Buttress
-in Lyons, CO


I moved to California, with the rope's last life and climbed:
-Bishops Peak in SLO, CA/
-90 Ft. Wall Lake Tahoe, CA
-Cabrillo Peak SLO, CA


There are major good vibes connected to this rope!! It helped keep me inspired to create these chalk bags for other climbers out there! I hope you enjoy many more climbs with it!!

"My name Guillaume, route setter name L'oizo

Born and raised in Montreal QC on the Canadian east coast

The ropes I am sending in have seen the most beautiful well known spots Quebec has to offer as well as some hidden jewels lost deep in the forest that hardly ever see anybody.  Kamouraska, Orford, Trenchant and a dozen other spot known mostly by locals.  Home crag is wherever I am with my trusted friends! 

I have been climbing for as long as I can remember but only channeled it to rock climbing in the last 4 years.  It's been a challenging process and these ropes have seen me through the ''do's'' as well as some ''don'ts'' and never let me down! By sending them to Fynd Fredum, I'm hoping to give them a nice retirement and a second life in the warmer climate of California!

Whether it is snowboarding, surfing, bouldering or climbing on gear, I find pleasure in flowing lines and smooth powerful motions. 

Fynd Fredum, follow your own lines and have fun!"



Fynd Fredum would like to thank Gee Bird for his time and dedication to helping out. Gee Bird contacted me to trade his ropes for a pair of sweat pants. Being that he is from Canada it would have costed $50 to just send the rope alone! He was determend to trade so he decided to cut & strip the core of all his ropes to make it lighter, and he sent them out! His rope not only has great climbs, it has his hard work put into prepping it for your bag/sweats!

                             Thank you Gee Bird,


Longmont Rec CENTER

Longmont, Colorado USA

This rope was donated to Fynd Fredum from Longmont REC Center in 2007, when Fynd Fredum "chalk bags" first began. Longmont Rec was the birth place of the inspiration for Fynd Fredum

Chalk Bags! I first learned how to climb at the REC with this rope, when I worked at the REC! I hope you enjoy yourself with this positivity filled rope!!!

Mike Cozza

Paso Robles, CA USA

"The Well"-Sacramento State University

Sacramento, California USA

The Well donated this rope to Fynd Fredum in 2014. If you get a chance check out their gym it's full of excitting climbs!! Top roping and bouldering!! 



Mike Donated his first rope! to Fynd Fredum!


He climbed many routes in:

-"Bishop's Peak" in San Luis Obispo, CA

-"Indians" out in Fort 100 Legit, CA

"ARC" Arcadia Rock Climbing Gym

Arcadia, California USA

Jesse Quandt

West Boomfield, Michigan, USA

Lisa from the ARC donated these ropes. I climbed at the ARC and their routes are intense!! The rating system is the most realistic to the outdoors I've felt yet! I loved the "Old School Style" with the laid back homie feel!


The staff is friendly and genuinely kind, legit peeps! (There is delicious healthy food next door as well!)

I'm from West Bloomfield, Michigan but currently living in Chicago

The rope came from the North Park University Rec Center


"Sender One" Climbing Gym

Santa Ana, California USA

Doug Tully was kinda enough to donate these ropes to Fynd Fredum! Thank you for passing on the good vibes from your students!

Sender One donated the largest amount of ropes Fynd Fredum has ever recieved! When I arrived at Sender One, Wesley and his staff had three huge boxes and some miscellaneous ropes lieing besides the boxes! Wesley had probably never herd of Fynd Fredum, yet he was willing to donate such an ample amount of rope!


The bouldering was amazing! The arch was the highlight for me! But! there is such a large variety of climbing in that gym....indubitably something in there for every climbers desires!!

"Aesthetic" Climbing Gym

Lake Forest, California USA

"Great Western Power Company" Climbing Gym

Oakland, California USA

Great Western Power Company donated some ropes on a whim! I drove to Oakland to pick them up from Jeremy Yee. He gave me a tour around the gym!


Great Western has great bouldering routes and some killer top rope! There's a very realistic crack on one of the routes, which I am dieing to go back and try!  If you are ever in Oakland stop by and Power up in a inspiring atmosphere!



Granite Arch climbing center

Rancho Cordova, California USA

This gym is absolutely a climbers dream!!! The most realistic rock walls replicating some of the best rock features out there! Thank you to Brooke for the huge box of ropes they donated!


Phoenix Rock Gym

Tempe, AZ USA

Phoenix Rock gym was a real treat to see! They have a true homie feeling with an old school vibe! I enjoyed the glass display cases all through out the gym with years of climbing gear, from all over the world!



The Cliffs LIC

Long Island City, NY USA

The Cliffs climbing gym is a true climbers dream! They have every style of climbing you could possibly want! 


I was visiting Manhattan during Chrismas time. Bobby from Steep Bouldering Gym reffered me to The Cliffs. They met with me with absolutly "no" notice and kindly donated all these pink ropes! It was a mission to get home on foot with two people carring 10+ ropes through the subways in Queens and back to New Jeresey where I stripped the insides out an couple hours before my flight. I carried all the ropes in my (now 40lbs) hiking pack to the airport, flew to LAX, took a bus to Hollywood, then a train all the way back to Central Coast California! These ropes have alot of adventure in them!



SLO California Climber

San Luis Obispo, CA USA

This rope was donated by an employee at The Mountain Air store in San Luis Obispo, CA.  He didn't leave any info on his rope but I am sure it had had some California Sun and adventures!



Movement Climbing Gym

Boulder CO- USA

Aesthetic Climbing gym donated these's ropes! The staff is extremely chill and great to work with! They have a local artist paint all the walls (which as an amateur street artist...I can appriciate the open doors to a safe place to do some murals).


The bouldering is sick!! I found some major projects I'm intrested to go back and work on! Hopefully I can make it there before they set the new routes!!!

Pacific Edge Climbing Gym

Santa Cruz, California USA

Scott at Pacific has always been such a great person to work with! There are some major good vibes in these ropes!


On a side note: Pacific has the most unique selection of gear sold in a gym! They sell hand made pitons in the shape of an ice axe! Check them out! 


CSUB Climbing Gym

Bakersfield, California USA

Thanks to CSU for the box of ropes! It was great meeting your friendly staff! I enjoyed the tour of the school and the history of your rock wall!


Chris & Kristiana Fox

Louisville, CO USA

This rope was donated by Chris and Kristiana.  I am so grateful for their kindness and inspiration! Here is the email I received from Chris, of the story of their rope:


I was so glad to see your chalk bags back at Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder. I wish they carried your rope bags too! I would like to donate my Petzl Nomad 9.8mm 70m rope to your business. This rope was the first climbing rope we bought, it got us off plastic and outside! I will pay shipping, and since I work way too much l would not ask for a free bag...but perhaps you could name a bag in the future, (that I would gladly buy) named Penitente. Why? My youngest daughter and the best climbing partner in the world is moving out on her own this Aug. (I am so happy for her and heartbroken all at the same time!) Penitente Canyon has been our place to camp, climb and look at a night sky. (Lots of climbing pictures if interested!) I completely understand if you get this request way too often to do it. The rope is still for your business if you would like it. Shipping on me. Just let me know. Thank You, Chris Louisville, CO


I hope whomever has Chris & Kristiana's rope on their bags or belts, feel the positive history of it's life and help add to it!




NJ Rock Gym

Fairfeild New Jersey- USA

 New Jeresey Rock Gym donated a pile of ropes to me while I was visiting my Dad in Jersey. Their routes are the truest to the out door ratings. Kept me on my toes the whole time!


I stripped the ropes to lighten the weight a couple hours before my flight. Then carried all the ropes in my (now 40lbs) hiking pack to the airport, flew to LAX, took a bus to Hollywood, then a train all the way back to Central Coast California! These ropes have alot of adventure in them!


The people at Movement were great! I called while visiting friends in Longmont and they said yes to me swinging by for some ropes. I borrowed my 18 year old brothers two door and headed to Boulder. When I arrived Movement had two huge trash cans full of ropes. We fill the two door car till the tires were an inch from rubbing on the car. I have used these ropes for Dogs Playing For Life training belts, for chalk bags and sweat pants.


FYI- My brother is going to Thailand to climb and get to know the Thai culture. He knows how to climb well but is not so ready for multi pitch lead climbing. I sent him to Movement because I know from when I used to climb there, their routes will get him prepped for some over seas adventures!



Irvine, California USA