My name is Hannah. I am the owner/main creator of all the products under the name Fynd Fredum . I grew up in Atascadero/LA, CA and Nyack, NY. At one point I moved to Longmont CO, .... that is where I found my window into the world of climbing, and Fynd Fredum Chalk Bags were born!  I immediately designed my first chalk bag. While visiting California, a fellow climber named Josh admired my custom bag, and he suggested I started selling them everywhere! I thought it was a crazy idea and an impossible task! 16-ish years later...... I see.... with a person can sew ALOT!!


The more street style part of Fynd Fredum was sold in AGAINST graffiti shop, and the skateboard vibe was sold in SOL skate shop in Longmont, CO. The sweats were inspired from the bitter cold East Coast weather! When I moved back to California I realized sweats go well by the beach too!!  Since then, FF has mostly been sold in climbing gyms and Mountaineer shops through out the US. The Hemp Shack in SLO, CA is the main hub for 95% of FF products at this time. If people start to catch on to some of the other products I would eventually like to open a store that specializes in intentionally made items. 


(I spell Fynd Fredum like I do, because I wanted people to look at the meaning of the words themselves and not associate it with a flag or patriotism. I wanted it to mean more than that, something seperate all together. The freedom of people living off the land, with out unnecessary consumerism, with less restrictions, the freedom to use our bodies to their full potential, the freedom for "ALL" to live in Peace..... below says it all:


    I designed this company to encourage others to open and expand their mind beyond any limits from which they were destined since birth:

To explore new places, discover new cultures, and become aquainted with several, if not all diversities of people. To experience all the above with a positive mind and try new, positive things. The thing of MOST SMILE and SPREAD YOUR SMILE!

If we open our minds in such ways our dreams can come true! Often what stands between our dreams and making sure they come true is fearing the journey to accomplishment (fear of the unknown). We only have one life...Each day passing faster than the one before. With integrity and a drive to live life to the fullest, you'll "Fynd Your Fredum"




     Burch (my mom) currently is the only other sewer of FF chalk bags. She has been sewing the

     outside designs and the inside fuzzy's of the chalk bags for the last two or three years. She is       an amazing person an a talented artist as well. Her art can be found all over the central         

     coast.  When she is not painting she is often sewing for Fynd Fredum!